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Happy 58th Birthday, Tom Hanks! His 10 Best Roles

Parade: Today, Tom Hanks—celebrated actor, attentive husband, and father of four—turns 58. But that's not to say he's getting ready to slow down. In a 2009 interview, Hanks told Parade, “I still view myself as a guy who gets bit by a bug and I have to go off ...
Shia LaBeouf Reveals His Manipulative Relationship With His Father

- 9 years earlier @ When the likes of Ben Affleck and Steven Spielberg told him to calm down and act more like Cruise or Tom Hanks, he responded that "though I respect both Hanks and Cruise, it just didn't appeal to my sensibilities. They're both great actors. But I just ...

The Sentinel published Dream dinner party: Christopher Nolan, Fearne Cotton, Tom Hanks

- 9 years earlier @ Article

Malibu at war over celebrity Nimbyism

- 9 years earlier @ Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand, James Cameron and Victoria Principal accused of Nimbyism

Tom Hanks Befriends Cab Driver; Invites Him to Broadway Show

- 9 years earlier @ The Amazing Story of How the Two Met and Stayed in Touch

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Tom Hanks invites his cabbie to his Broadway show

Tom Hanks is maintaining his reputation as the Nicest Man in Hollywood, even when he is taking a cab in New York City.

Tom Hanks Divorce: Reps Deny Marital Troubles As Rumors Of A Split Grow

The Inquisitr: Now reps for Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have moved in swiftly, denying the divorce reports. Gossip Cop, which has a reputation for taking on reports from Star Magazine, spoke to a rep for Wilson who called the report “utter nonsense” and “absurd.” A rep ...

How to get 'Lucky' with Tom Hanks

USA TODAY: And every time, I tell them: 'Tell Mr. Hanks that Mr. Ferrari says 'hello.'” Every time I say that. Then one day I'm driving, and I get a text from one of the people that I'd driven, and it says: 'Mr. Hanks wants to invite you to see his Broadway show ...

Did Hoda really meet taxi driver who befriended Tom Hanks? Cabbie proves it Mr. Ferrari himself (aka Manny Anzalota) stopped by TODAY to see her in person. "He said you stiffed him on the tip," Matt joked. "She was generous. She said the company pays," Anzalota fired back. Hanks and Hoda weren't the first celebrities Anzalota ...

Tom Hanks invites New York taxi driver for Broadway debut of 'Lucky Guy'

Hollywood star Tom Hanks once invited a New York taxi driver to check out his Broadway debut and meet him backstage while he was performing in hit play Lucky Guy.

Tom Hanks Invited Cab Driver To Check Out Lucky Guy

Manny Anzalota reveals he had initially turned down the Forrest Gump star's fare on a cold day in January, 2013 as he was nearing the end of his shift, but he felt bad for the guy and allowed him to hop into his cab, not knowing who he had just picked up.

NYC taxi driver shares story about how he met Tom Hanks

A taxi driver in New York recently shared the wonderful story about how he met Tom Hanks.


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This story about Tom Hanks and a NYC cab driver is the most delightful thing

National Post: It's been a tough week of headlines (for Canadian readers, especially), so we're happy to offer a little respite in the form of this story of a New York City cab driver who made fast friends with actor Tom Hanks. On Monday, Humans of New York posted ...

NYC cab driver gives Tom Hanks a ride, gets classic photo We're all tired at the end of our working day, but sometimes giving just a little extra effort turns out to be worth it. That's what a New York City cab driver learned last year when he picked up one more fare, even though his shift had just ended. He ...

Tom Hanks Befriends a NYC Cab Driver In Sweetest Story Ever!

Tom Hanks really must be the nicest guy in Hollywood. One lucky New York City cab driver got a firsthand look as to why Tom Hanks is hailed as the nicest guy in Hollywood -- but he almost didn't even give him a ride. The cab driver recounts on Humans of New York's Facebook page that he first told the actor he wouldn't drive him because his shift was ending. "But then I think about it, and I ...


How Tom Hanks Made One Cab Driver A Seriously 'Lucky Guy'

Huffington Post: Shared on the Humans Of New York social media accounts Monday, a cab driver recounted the time he unknowingly picked up Tom Hanks, and the unlikely friendship that formed between the actor and the driver, whom Hanks nicknamed "Mr. Ferrari." Read ...

Tom Hanks Is So Nice! Cab Driver Nicknamed 'Mr. Ferrari' Gets Broadway

Hollywood Take: The Facebook page for Humans of New York shared the story of a cab driver who discovered that Tom Hanks was his passenger. Hanks posed for an Instagram selfie with the cabbie, which has now gone viral. Hanks later invited the driver, dubbed "Mr.


Tom Hanks befriends a cab driver; Beyonce's unauthorized biography; more

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Tuesday's entertainment news includes CBS picking up full seasons of its shows, an unauthorized Beyoncé biography and a cab driver who met Tom Hanks. Hugh Jackman has been treated for skin cancer again. This marks the third ...

Tom Hanks Befriends Cab Driver, Invites Him to Broadway Show: Touching Story

Anything’s possible in a cab ride in New York City! One taxi driver got the surprise of his life in 2013 when he unknowingly picked up Tom Hanks in his car.


ABC to Make TV Anthology Series Adapted From Tom Hanks' 1984 “Bachelor

Hallels: ABC has ordered a put pilot half hour comedy anthology series based on the Tom Hanks-starrer 1984 film according to Deadline. The "Bachelor Party" TV series will be focusing on three couples: "one about to get married, another recently divorced and a ...

ABC Orders Pilot for Comedy Based on Tom Hanks' 'Bachelor Party'

AceShowbiz: ABC is holding "Bachelor Party". The network has given a put pilot commitment with a heavy penalty to a half-hour comedy anthology series based on the 1984 movie starring Tom Hanks. Co-created by writer-producers JJ Philbin and Josh Malmuth ("New ...

ABC Gives Put Pilot to Project Based on Tom Hanks' 'Bachelor Party'

Variety: Doubling down on two TV trends — mining nostalgic movies for TV source materials and the new fall shows' infatuation with romantic comedies — ABC has given a put pilot with a heavy penalty to a half-hour comedy anthology series based on the raunchy ...

ABC Making ‘Bachelor Party’ TV Series Based on 1984 Tom Hanks Movie

A few weeks ago, we got word that the 1988 Tom Hanks classic Big was being adapted for the small screen by Fox. Now ABC is also mining Hanks’ resume for material, and has come up with a TV series based on the 1984 comedy Bachelor Party. If someone options Splash, we can officially call […] The post ABC Making ‘Bachelor Party’ TV Series Based on 1984 Tom Hanks Movie appeared first on /Film .


Tom Hanks surprises New York cabbie

A cab driver in New York got a pleasant surprise when he picked up his last customer for the day. Cabbie Manny Anzalota picked up none other than actor Tom Hanks, and made such an impression he was invited to see the actor's Broadway show.

Tom Hanks surprises New York cabbie

A cab driver in New York got a pleasant surprise when he picked up his last customer for the day.


Taxi driver shares awesome Tom Hanks story One lucky cab driver picked up Tom Hanks and later got to spend some one-on-one time with the actor backstage on Broadway. Manny Anzalota told The Post that he had just finished one of his shifts on a cold day in mid-January when a man tried to flag ...

Taxi driver shares awesome Tom Hanks story

A NEW York City taxi driver was shocked to discover he’d just picked up Tom Hanks as a customer. But what happened after the ride was truly awesome.


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